Recipe: Gongbao tendon

Home Cooking Recipe: Gongbao tendon



  1. Prepare the cold pot and wash it. Put in the peanuts and then add the oil. Turn on the small fire and stir fry. When the peanuts are slightly dense, and the peanuts have a small amount of peeling, turn off the fire and spare.

  2. Put the tendon into the marinade and simmer for nearly 2 hours.

  3. Cut the marinated beef tendon into small pieces

  4. Cut the green onions, ginger shredded, garlic slices, green and red peppers cut into circles, dried chili cuts

  5. Pot into oil, small fire fried pepper and dried chili

  6. Add onion, ginger, garlic and saute

  7. Add beef tendon and chili powder to stir well

  8. Put the B material into a small bowl and adjust it into juice.

  9. Pour the prepared juice into the pot and stir well. Add the peanuts and green pepper rings and stir fry for a while.


1.B material: 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, 1 teaspoon of sugar, and proper amount of water starch. 2. Stir-fried peanuts should be fried in cold water and cold, and must be fried. Although the time is longer, it is definitely worth it. The fried peanuts should be cool to give a crispy taste. When it is hot, the taste is soft! 3. Like the braised beef, the fresh 700g beef tendon is only 400g, so the finished products sold outside are more expensive! 4. Beef tendons are not very easy to cook. If you use a pressure cooker to cook, it will save you more time. This beef tendon is marinated in the halogened beef, and it is frozen in the refrigerator. This time it is made out of defrosting, it is very convenient!

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