Recipe: Golden squash chocolate cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden squash chocolate cake


They are very simple materials, and it is a new way to decorate cakes. =3=



  1. Bake a chocolate hurricane or sponge cake or other cake with your favorite recipe. I am using an 8-inch hurricane.

  2. Two pieces were cut out by the hurricane, and the remaining corners were opened into the oven to continue to dry, and then broken into pieces.

  3. Light whipped cream is sweetened according to your own taste. Add some maple syrup, cinnamon rum and so on.

  4. Pumpkin cuts are loved to eat directly, steamed, love to eat sweet, you can use sugar to boil pumpkin caramel fried pumpkin.

  5. The cake slice syrup is coated with whipped cream and the pumpkin piece is covered with another piece of cake. The cake is covered with whipped cream with a spatula, and then the cake crumb is stuck.

  6. Put the pumpkin on the top, squeeze the light cream, put it on the barn wood, and finally pull the caramel to go.

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