Recipe: Golden scallop

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden scallop


Why is it gold scallops? Suitable for all white-collar workers, brain workers eat more food! 1. High protein, low fat, belonging to health and nutrition products, rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and so on. 2. Destroy cancer cell growth, lower blood lipids, blood pressure, cholesterol. 3. Provide the glial protein needed for skin mucosa, have a good cosmetic effect, beneficial to joints and ligaments 4. For people who have indefinite bowel movements, often constipation, squatting, snoring, farting, or digestive system susceptible to nerve fatigue, have therapeutic effects! 5. Candidates, plus night shifts, neurasthenia, eyes fatigue, shoulder pain, headache, people who eat scallops for several days can make up for the loss in the body! In addition to gout people do not eat!



  1. The scallops are soaked in water to remove the old meat, and the cooking wine is marinated in ginger for 20 or 30 minutes (you can adjust the two eggs and put some salt)

  2. small fire! Put the oil warmly into the egg, fry until tender, immediately pour the scallops, and stir fry for a few minutes.


The scallops have hoarfrost on the surface, the body is dry, the granules are intact and no fragments, the meat is tender and tender, and the firmness is full.

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