Recipe: Golden Pillow Durian Mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden Pillow Durian Mousse


For durian, it really makes people love and loves them, but they hate them. Speaking of the first time I was eating durian in Shenzhen, I was almost fainted by its smell. It tastes like a greasy bite of cream. It is probably used to the sweet fruit of the north. It is difficult for durian to accept. At that time, I could not understand why so many people liked the taste of it. I have lived in the South for a long time, and gradually adapted to various southern foods. Durian eats more times, and slowly falls in love, the more you eat, the more you love, the more you eat, the more addictive. It probably has a unique aftertaste and texture that makes people "hang in". Durian is not only a special taste, but also a fruit that is very beneficial to the human body. The title of the king is deserved. It can nourish yin and yang, spleen and replenish yellow, and replenish aging, delaying aging, very good for men and women, and can also be used as medicine. Such a good thing, natural price is not cheap, after returning to the north, the chance of eating is far less than in Shenzhen, and there is a gap in taste.



  1. Tin foil wrapped around the bottom of the mousse circle, I used a 6-inch square mousse ring

  2. Digest the biscuits in a fresh-keeping bag and use a rolling pin to break into pieces.

  3. The biscuit crumbs are poured into the cake bottom material and mixed evenly, and compacted with a rolling pin at the bottom of the mousse ring. The mousse ring is placed on a flat surface for easy movement. If you have a cake bottom, you don't need to add the bottom tin foil.

  4. 120 grams of milk mixed with pulp, beaten with a cooking machine

  5. Gillin tablets are chopped, plus 65 grams of milk dissolved in it, heated by water, and constantly stirred until the gelatin tablets are completely dissolved

  6. Light cream with 20 grams of fine sugar, use the low speed of the electric egg beater, slowly hit the thick as shown, about six distribution

  7. Durian pulp paste and gelatin milk solution are evenly mixed

  8. Make sure that the mixed paste in P7 is always warm, pour in the whipped cream and mix it.

  9. Pour into the mousse circle, gently shake it, put it in the freezer for a few hours, solidify and let it cool after eating.

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