Recipe: Golden needle mushroom mixed with cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden needle mushroom mixed with cucumber


Refreshing and delicious! My summer favorite! What about you? ...



  1. Cucumber shredded, golden needle mushroom with water and put into a container,

  2. Hand wash with disposable plastic gloves, while mixing the vegetables, put all the seasonings into the uniform,

  3. Finally, put it on the plate and put the parsley on it.


In fact, it is important to make homemade chili oil! ! Homemade chili oil: Put the thin chili noodles in the bowl and sprinkle with a layer of sesame on top; put a proper amount of oil in the pan and immediately add two pieces of pepper, a few peppercorns and a few pieces of fragrant leaves. When the small fire oil is turned on, remove the dried materials and quickly pour the oil into a small bowl with a pepper cloth and sesame seeds. !

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