Recipe: Golden mushroom mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden mushroom mushroom


Speaking of this meal, it was because I had ordered a mushroom juice in a restaurant. After I came up, it was very heavy pigment color and thick and glutinous juice. Of course, the other dishes that I ordered with my friends were also all the same. Red color. . . The mushroom juice is tasteless, just a typical restaurant-style mushroom that can't eat rice and water. In order not to waste food, I endure it. Because there is a small development kitchen, I saw the chef use a tea-like stuff. Soak up the dishes, although I didn't see which dish. I know that it is not easy to criticize the opening of a restaurant, but this meal is really fresh in my memory. How can the public be made to accept vegetarian food? Because it’s not easy to think that it’s so bad to eat the dishes, I’ve always remembered to cook myself as a mushroom. How do you make this dish delicious? Don't use the thick sizzling style of the diners, but also the thick soup, but also the natural delicious ~~~~~~



  1. Several kinds of mushrooms (can be selected according to your preference), wash the slices, stir-fry the mushrooms under the heat of the pot, add the salt and pepper to taste.

  2. Wash the small rapeseed, cut it in half from the middle, put it in a boiling water pot for a minute, pass the cold water, stand by

  3. The practice of golden soup: peeled diced pumpkin, heat the oil in the pot, stir the pumpkin diced evenly, then add water without pumpkin, simmer until the pumpkin is soft and rotten, crush the pumpkin into a mud with a spoon, if you want gold soup The palate is more delicate, and the pumpkin mud is sieved with a fine sieve.

  4. Put the pot back, put the sifted pumpkin puree and a small bowl of water into the pot and mix well. Season with salt.

  5. Put the plate, cooked rice into the bowl, buckled into the plate, so it is better to look at. Then pour the golden soup, then stir the mushrooms and hot rape.

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