Recipe: Golden Lotus Kumquat Osmanthus Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden Lotus Kumquat Osmanthus Tea


Today is a flower tea, like the dried flowers in the water to quietly bloom into full of flowers, especially the golden lotus, especially after the bloom, with osmanthus, taste and color are right. The role of nasturtium is to cure heat and detoxification, and to treat respiratory tract, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. It is mainly used for sore throat, mouth sores, and red eyes. If it is acute, it can be added, but don't drink it for a long time. Injury to the kidneys. If you eat spicy hot pot, drink a few cups to ease the fire.



  1. Use a pot of water to warm the pot and put 4 pieces of golden lotus

  2. Add the right amount of rock sugar, if you don't like sweet, you can't add

  3. Kumquat is washed and cut into 4 petals and then cut in the middle to cut into the pot.

  4. Pour in boiling water of about 90°, soak for 5.6 minutes, and see the flowers all open before drinking.


Introduce several other recipes: 1. Golden Lotus Tea: Golden Lotus, Gardenia, Licorice, Polygonatum, Rock Sugar, boiled in water, long-term drinking can clear throat and throat, refreshing, digesting and refreshing, making people refreshed and clear. 2. Golden Lotus Chrysanthemum Tea: 3 grams of Golden Lotus and Gongju, boiled in boiling water, on behalf of tea. Can clear the heat 3. Lemon Golden Lotus Tea: 3 grams of Golden Lotus, after boiling water, add a few drops of lemon juice, that is, heat and detoxification, bitter and refreshing, often drink to get bad breath. 4. Golden Lotus Mint Tea: 2 golden lotuses, 3 grams of mint, half a spoon of lavender (a cup for the amount), brewed in boiling water, drinking on behalf of tea, can moisturize and soothe the throat, prevent the throat from hoarse and dry.

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