Recipe: Golden juice, white mushroom, broccoli

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden juice, white mushroom, broccoli



  1. Wash the pumpkin and steam it, then use the food grinder to make it into the mud.

  2. Open the canned white mushroom, soak it in clean water for half an hour (change the secondary water during the period, remove the preservative), then cut the sheet for use.

  3. Broccoli is cut into a blossom with a knife and goes to the root. (The root is used separately) Washed and used.

  4. Making the soup on the soup: take a small bowl of the soup, put the sliced ​​white mushroom into the bowl, add salt and mushroom essence and steam for 20 minutes.

  5. Another pot, add water to the pot, wait until the water is opened, put it into the washed broccoli, pour it out, add a little oil in the pot and pour the broccoli into the salt and add the salt to the mushroom.

  6. Take a small bowl and place the broccoli corolla down, one by one and discharge it to the bowl, then buckle back in the dish. Steamed white mushroom is taken out and discharged on broccoli

  7. Pour the soup of steamed white mushroom into the pot, add a little pumpkin puree, thicken the oil with a thick shovel, and pour the simmered juice on the surface of the white mushroom with shovel, covered with white mushroom and broccoli can

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