Recipe: Golden guinea powder cat ears

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden guinea powder cat ears


This Chinese dessert is a long-time blogger, the idea of ​​Hangzhou's overflowing fragrant fragrance, even the powder, she gave it to me; cat ears, chef machine to play with flour and a dough; osmanthus, my village east The backyard of the new home is now picked up; the small basket is the treasure that has been dug in the storage room of the new home. It is full of dust, washed and dried to look beautiful! The small bowl of small spoon, a set of bone china tableware collected by the bottom of the box, I stole a few! The spirit of Shangganganling! ! During the National Day holiday, I came to a Jiangnan literary and small fresh Chinese dessert, which is eye-catching and delicious! !



  1. Ordinary flour is added to the Kaywood KMM760 chef's bucket, add appropriate amount of water, and beat into a dough with a hook-type mixing head 1-2.

  2. Take out the dough, sprinkle a small amount of flour on the panel, lick a small dough, and gently lick it with your thumb. It is the cat's ear.

  3. Then boil the cat's ears in boiling water, remove and drain, add the freshly simmered glutinous rice flour, add a small amount of sweet-scented osmanthus sauce, and sprinkle dried osmanthus decoration.

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