Recipe: Golden garlic fan dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden garlic fan dish


The doll dish can be arranged in a circular shape, a fan shape, or a vertical cross according to the number and the disc shape. The shape of the table is amazing, and the golden garlic and the green dolls are full of gold and jade.



  1. The baby dishes are washed, each cut into 4 equal portions with a knife, and simmered in boiling water for half a minute.

  2. The fans are soft and ready to use. The garlic is cut into small pieces and the amount is more.

  3. Put the oil in the pot, heat it into 70%, add the garlic and fry it into golden yellow.

  4. Stir the fans with the remaining garlic oil in the pot

  5. On the lower layer of the plate, the fans are placed in a round shape along the plate and sprinkled with fried garlic.

  6. Water starch plus a small amount of soy sauce, salt, chicken powder

  7. Pouring on the dish


Vegetables and fans are served with fried garlic. Pay attention to the time to avoid frying when frying garlic. Here is my dinner conversation with my grandchildren: Tasty? good to eat! (The mouth is stuffed with ambiguous words) What compared to what your mother did? ...... What is it? Well, that's a little worse. Oops Then which dish do you think I do, do you like it the most? Very good (continue to sip in the mouth) Which dish is the most impressive? Well, um, this doll dish is very good today. Isn't there an impressive impression? You have done too many tricks, some dishes have not eaten the second time, where is the impression! What impressed you with your mother? My mother's fish is the best! (God) I am so sad that I can't beat the dish like this. I have been eating from snacks to big, and I have been eating for more than 20 years. Who do you forget? So, why people can remember for a certain kind of food for many years, because the taste of long-term cultivation is caused by it. In fact, the food in the deepest part of our memory is not so delicious, not necessarily expensive, the key is that it is part of the memory. When I think of it, it is a fragrant smell. It is a mixture of memories of sorrow and joy and human taste. It is tightly tied to the people and things of the past. This kind of dish has already left the meaning of food itself. Women always try to use the deliciousness to tie the man's stomach and heart. Instead of trying to change the pattern, it is better to make it simple, long-term, fixed to give him to eat, and to strengthen the memory through the taste, how can people forget ? Sisters, let us fix you with a dish!

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