Recipe: Golden egg fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden egg fried rice


Look at Liu Yifan's demonstration of the production of golden egg fried rice, the master is the master! Not a master!



  1. Eggs take egg yolk to break up, cold rice is slightly broken;

  2. Heat the wok, use the oil to fully control the pot and control it; add rice and stir-fry with a stir-fry spoon;

  3. Drizzle into the egg yolk to quickly stir fry, so that the egg liquid evenly wraps the rice; the granules are separated and the granules are wrapped in the egg liquid;

  4. Constantly panning the pot (stunned by the master's super handsome pot!) Make the rice grain clear; sprinkle with pepper and salt and stir well.


My experience is that the time when the egg liquid is combined with the rice is very important; when the rice is loose and the temperature is not too high, the egg liquid is drenched. As long as the rice is quickly stir-fried, the rice is easily wrapped with the egg liquid that has not yet condensed; if the rice temperature Too high, the egg liquid will not rush to mix with the rice, it will be condensed, so that the fried rice is not golden enough, and there will be broken eggs. If you master this node, the finished product will be closer to the master level.

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