Recipe: Golden buttered mushrooms with fried onions

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden buttered mushrooms with fried onions


It is said that the mushrooms and onions are fried. In fact, the onions and mushrooms are slowly fried to a golden soft and slightly coke with a hot pot. The natural aroma of all the fungi and the spicy and sweet taste of the onions are released, and the golden super-skin. Whether it's a single-disc stir-fry, a side dish of steak pork chops, or a sandwich, it's a great choice for both flavors and flavors, and a classic in Western cuisine.



  1. Mushroom cut into small pieces, onion shredded

  2. Heat the butter in a hot pan, pour in the onion and stir fry to soften it.

  3. Pour in the mushrooms and stir fry a few times. It will dry very much at first, and the mushrooms will come out for a while. Slowly fry until the onions and mushrooms soften and shrink, and the color becomes golden.

  4. Sprinkle a little soy sauce or stir-fry in a Worcestershire sauce, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and serve.


Worcestershire sauce is a British special spicy sauce commonly used for coking cooking and barbecue sauce, which can be replaced by soy sauce or squid soy sauce.

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