Recipe: Golden autumn day - sweet persimmon steel cut oats

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden autumn day - sweet persimmon steel cut oats


In the morning when I was in a hurry, I couldn’t eat breakfast well. The biggest pain to work/learn hard to eat was nothing more than this. Today, this steel cut oatmeal is fast and delicious, especially for people who don't have time. If you want to eat more healthy and healthy oatmeal, you can really try this! It took 40 minutes to get up to the door, including taking pictures. And the combination of banana and sweet persimmon is really superb!



  1. The steel cut oats were soaked in the water the night before.

  2. The oatmeal was cooked directly the next morning and the fire was boiled for five minutes.

  3. At this time, you can start cutting the fruit, and half cut the slice.

  4. Put the persimmon and banana into the oatmeal, add the milk, stir and cook until the milk is absorbed.

  5. Pour out and put the remaining fruit.


I will use half a frozen banana and half a fresh banana, because when the frozen banana is cooked, it will make the oatme not so hot, so it is suitable for time. It is very fragrant to brew in the morning, but it won't be so soft for forty-five minutes, but the taste of coarse grains is not bad. If you don't like rotten oatmeal, you can try it. If you like soft, cook the rice cooker overnight.... Add milk and fruit in the morning.

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