Recipe: Gold tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold tofu


Dish for the elderly



  1. Ingredients: 350 grams of landscape tofu, 500 grams of pumpkin; 250 grams of broccoli, 4 salted egg yolk; water starch amount, salt amount; peanut oil amount of gold medal tofu - a simple vegetable, take some time, spend a little thought, can also Becoming a big dish: Prepare tofu, pumpkin, broccoli and other materials, take 4 salted egg yolks for use, slice the pumpkin, steam the steamed broccoli into a steamer, and add a small amount of water to boil. Add two tablespoons of salt and cook the broccoli in a pot. The broccoli will be cut into 5mm thick slices, and the cut tofu will be placed in a circle on the plate. The pot will be boiled and boiled. Tofu steamed into the pot for 3 minutes, steamed the tofu, pour the water in the plate, put the fried broccoli code in the middle of the plate, steam the pumpkin, remove the pot and add the right amount of heat, and add the salted egg yolk to the pan. Add the steamed pumpkin to the salted egg yolk, press it with a spoon until it is completely melted. Cook the salted egg yolk and the pumpkin until it is completely blended. Take the cooked pumpkin and remove the pumpkin juice through the strainer. Put the pumpkin juice into the pot. It’s thin, it’s ok on top of the tofu.

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