Recipe: Gold seafood hot pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold seafood hot pot


I usually like to use broth to make the bottom of the pot when I eat hot pot. This time, the curry is chosen because of its golden color and warm stomach. The golden symbolizes nobleness, glory, luxury and brilliance. Gold represents money, wealth, and capital. It is the color of the sun, it represents warmth and happiness, but also has the charm of shining and shining. On this day of the old and new days, a steaming golden soup indicates that the financial resources will come in the coming year, and the whole family will be lucky.



  1. Fresh squid, fresh octopus, ink and fish bones

  2. Add a small amount of cooking oil to the fresh clams, mix with chopsticks, stand still for 10 minutes, wash away the mucus and oyster shell with tap water.

  3. Phi Phi Shrimp (Shrimp, Shrimp) washed with water and drained

  4. Broccoli is cut small, washed and boiled with boiling water with oil and salt.

  5. Flammulina velutipes cut off the roots and wash them with other ingredients.

  6. Vegetarian chicken, lotus root, corn, broccoli, cut into the size of your favorite

  7. When the ingredients are ready, you have to open the brush. Put the soup into the pot

  8. Slowly warm the soup in the pan, unpack the curry, and put it in the pot.

  9. Stir the curry paste with chopsticks until it spreads out

  10. Cook the lotus root and corn into the pot first, and then brush the other ones according to your needs.


The soup used is the original soup of the meatballs. It is fresh and salty. This curry cream has a strong taste, so there is no need to add other accessories to the bottom of the pot.

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