Recipe: Gold sandbag

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold sandbag


Every time I go to the Cantonese restaurant, I must pay for the quicksand bag. I have been eager to try for a long time. I learned a few times in the video course of the kitchen in the first two days. The steps are quite cumbersome, but the taste and appearance are basically the best I can eat. The same as the sandbags! The recipes are for reference only. It is recommended to go to the kitchen studio for more details.



  1. Geely tablets are placed in clean water for 2-3 minutes

  2. Squeezing the salted egg yolk that has been steamed (it feels too annoying to be chopped directly with a knife)

  3. Put the bowl of soaked gelatin tablets in hot water to completely melt the gelatine tablets, then place them on the side to cool the palms.

  4. Take a large bowl and mix in salted egg yolks, milk powder, sugar and custard powder.

  5. Add the gelatin solution to the mixed powder in the previous step, add it in three portions, and add it evenly every time.

  6. Unsalted butter is melted in advance by water, and the melted butter is added in several times, and each time it is thoroughly stirred to prevent separation of water and oil.

  7. Place the well-mixed mixed liquid in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, until it is completely frozen, press it down like a rubber

  8. Take out the refrigerated sandpaper filling, rub it with your hand and then knead it into a ball, divide it into 25 grams, and continue to let the refrigerator be refrigerated.

  9. Next, make the outer skin and mix the corn starch and sugar in the low-gluten flour.

  10. Put the yeast in water and stir until melted

  11. Add lard to the mixed powder and mix well

  12. Add yeast water to the previous step, mix evenly into a dough, and wake up for 5-10 minutes.

  13. Fully kneading until smooth and not sticky, after a little shaping, put the pot in the fermentation for 1-2 hours

  14. Open the dough into the baking powder, simmer evenly, vent, simmer until smooth, cover the plastic wrap and wake up for 5-10 minutes.

  15. Roll the dough into strips, divide into 30 grams per group, the skin is thin, and it can be bigger than the stuffing. It is wrapped in quicksand and tightened.

  16. After wrapping, cover the plastic wrap for 20 minutes, wait for the steamer to boil the water, then put it into the pot and steam for 7 minutes, steam it and wait for two minutes to open the lid.


1. If it is bought outside, the salted egg yolk that has been peeled off should be immersed in oil for one night in the refrigerator.

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