Recipe: Gold sandbag

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold sandbag


The quicksand bag is a variant of the Chinese-style brownie bag. It was a common snack in the early 20th century. It was once unremarkable, but it was re-emerged in Hong Kong in the 2000s. The quicksand was made with salted egg yolk and butter, sugar, etc. Material, in liquid form. The dough is soft and golden, and it bites down. The sand-like filling overflows, sweet but not greasy. It is a fine in morning tea. According to reports, the stuffing of the quicksand gold package is made of many materials such as egg yolk, lard, butter, sugar, milk and so on. The surface of the quicksand gold bag is made of carrot juice and noodles. It is both beautiful and nutritious. Xiaoxuan did it twice. The first time was to use carrot juice and noodles. The process map was the first. The second time was to use carrot residue and noodles, plus 70 grams of water. The finished product was the second time. Refer to the formula of the round pig: Http://



  1. Carrot peeled diced

  2. Add water and juice filter residue (the finished product is made of carrot residue)

  3. Yeast

  4. Powder mixing

  5. Add carrot juice

  6. Knead into a smooth dough

  7. Cover the plastic wrap and ferment in a warm place

  8. Stuffing while making dough

  9. Self-salted salted egg steamed mud

  10. Mixed powder

  11. Add the melted butter and put it in the refrigerator. It must be frozen before it has a quicksand. When the first time it was done, it was not filled with frozen stuff. The result was not quicksand. The next day, it was done again. The filling at this time. It has been frozen, so the bun that was made will be quicksand.

  12. Fermentation to twice as large

  13. Divided into small portions

  14. To flatten

  15. Wrap the stuffing (this is the first process map, so the filling is flowing)

  16. Posing on oil paper

  17. Steam in a cold water pot for 10 minutes, turn off the heat for 1 minute

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