Recipe: Gold hoop

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold hoop



  1. Glutinous rice with water for one night

  2. Glutinous rice is ground into a slurry, then poured into a cloth bag to drain excess water, and the remaining paste is left for use (the above two steps can also go directly to the supermarket to buy the dumpling noodles instead)

  3. Glutinous rice paste into strips

  4. Heat the oil in the pot, put the strip of glutinous rice paste into the pot and fry it, so that it won't be cooked.

  5. Boil until golden brown, you can fish out

  6. Another part of the sugar, mixed with flour

  7. Prepare a clean pot, anhydrous and oil-free, put the mixture of white sugar and flour into the fry, stir fry until cooked, and remove

  8. Use the fried golden hoop to lick more than the powdered sugar.


The simple method is to make the dumplings of the dumplings into strips. After frying, the same is true for the white sugar. Because the old home is a kind of powdered sugar mixed with flour and sugar, so the individual is more interested in that taste.

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