Recipe: Gold goose oil shredded onion cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold goose oil shredded onion cake


The ugly picture of the recipe is mainly not how to embody the scallion cake! ! ! Can only take a big round cake to show that this is a scallion cake! It is said that the Chinese dim sum made from goose oil is more crispy and soft, so it was made with goose oil and praised!



  1. Warm water and noodles, I used a bread machine to make a group, then I woke up for 30 minutes.

  2. During the period, you can wash the onions, cut the scallion segments and wash them for the leeks, and cut them into small pieces for later use.

  3. If the goose oil is heated, the small fire will slow down the scallion and white until the onion is black and the onion is overflowing.

  4. Throw away the onion and pour the oil into the ghee powder (20g) and mix well.

  5. Make up 10 pieces of good noodles, and smash them into pieces of about 2mm. Use a spoon to evenly apply a layer of ghee on top, sprinkle with shallots, then salt and pepper, and spicy powder. Then fold the cake like this fan, then roll the noodles and roll them into a dough. The longer the dough, the more layers. For details, please refer to for the recipe.

  6. The rolled dough is proofed for more than 20 minutes. The well-baked dough is smashed into a cake. I like thin, so it is about 2mm thick.

  7. Brush the pot a little bit of oil, a small fire pancake to double-sided golden.


Because when the snacks are eaten on the brackish mouth, pay attention to the salt and don't sprinkle too much.

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