Recipe: Gold garlic scallop fan

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold garlic scallop fan


Gold garlic scallop fans, with fried garlic, is really delicious, one bite, adults like, children especially like it.



  1. The garlic is cut into the end, the shallots are cut into granules, and the fans are soaked in warm water and drained for use.

  2. The scallops are taken out of the shell, and the viscera is washed. The hot pot is cold and sautéed with a small yellow garlic.

  3. Bring out, add soy sauce and mix well

  4. Take a proper amount of the fan, drain the code on the scallop shell, and then put in the processed scallops.

  5. Pouring the golden garlic with saute

  6. Heat the hot water to boil, put the scallops in, steam for about 5 minutes, remove, sprinkle with diced shallot, then take a clean pot and heat the oil and pour over the end of the shallot.


1. It is easier to use after the fans have used them; 2, after the garlic is fried, it tastes better. For more recipe information, please visit:

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