Recipe: Gold fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold fried rice


After school yesterday afternoon, Yang Yang said to her, she had to go through Women’s Day on March 8th. The teacher said that she would help her mother to do something. I said, what do you do for your mother? People say that almost every day you cook at home, today I cook for you, I like it the most! Back home, homework has been finished in school, Yangyang students went straight to the kitchen, looking for rice, do you? Rice! Splendidly said, rice does not have to be done, there is still in the pot, it is to make egg fried rice. After a while, I found the egg from the refrigerator and said it was a poached egg. Hey, this child is busy in the kitchen~ Just yesterday, the natural gas just filled up, Yangyang students will not open, shouting brilliant! Ask her brilliantly, find a few eggs? Four, I have all hit the bowl! Halo, hit the bowl, how to make a poached egg~ Nothing, finally decided to make egg fried rice. Husband is not there, just two of us, the light egg, four, can not finish. So brilliant proposal, light fried rice with egg yolk, did not expect, tastes great! Gold fried rice was born, in fact, happiness is so simple, so simple! Therefore, the splendid resignation of the relationship at home, every day to shuttle between the supermarket, the kitchen, the market, thinking all day, how to make some delicious dishes, give the family two treasures. Today, Yangyang students cook for food, you say happy and not happy!



  1. Four eggs, only egg yolk, two bowls of rice, this rice is brightly put some rhubarb rice, tastes good, parents can try

  2. Put the egg yolk into the rice. If there is no egg, you can gently pour the egg, prepare a bowl, use two eggshells as the egg, and pour the egg yolk to the two eggshells. The egg white can easily flow to the bowl. Inside

  3. Mix well

  4. Oil in the pot

  5. After the oil is hot, pour in the rice and stir fry

  6. Stir-fried until the rice is even, transfer to the salt plate

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