Recipe: Gold fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold fried rice


I chatted with Mina Sang of the kitchen that day and talked about "Chinese One". It seems that everyone was dumped by gorgeous techniques and biu biu's flash, but how many specificities are there? The plan that started in 2012 is to make a feasible experiment on the cuisine of "Chinese One", especially the small headed Liu Anxing (here, the cooking inside the cartoon), which are reliable and which are Nonsense, let's study together. In the first episode, Shao An, who had left the Chrysanthemum for 10 years, came back. He took the title of the superior chef and prepared to take over the chrysanthemum. It was unexpectedly opposed by everyone, and he was also inspected by Li Tizhan. In order to prove his strength, Shao An made a " Seafood fried rice is still more than the former cooking fairy, the master of the small master, Shao An’s master, Abe Master. The small master reproduces the cuisine of the Abe master for the mother’s reputation, which is the first small dish in the cartoon. "Gold fried rice"



  1. Egg yolk + chopped green onion + salt + white pepper stir well

  2. Stir well with rice

  3. Hot pot under butter

  4. Rice wrapped in egg liquid after the pot is hot

  5. Quickly stir fry until the eggs are cooked

  6. Out of the pot


Rice is used overnight. Chopped green onion with white onion. Pay attention to the heat when you fry rice.

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