Recipe: Gold embryo toast (kitchen studio live video class work area)

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold embryo toast (kitchen studio live video class work area)


A life-filled toast. Germ is the root of wheat life, weighing only 2% of the grain, 97% of the nutrients, rich in various proteins, vitamins and a variety of active substances. The bread made from simple materials is soft, moist, refreshing and not greasy. The natural wheat aroma is just right to bring out the charming charred flavor of the germ. This course: Using the direct method to create a toast with the same value and connotation. You will learn 1. The basic process of making bread directly and the role of each stage of operation. 2. The method of mixing the dough with a chef machine, the state of each stage changes. The dough needs to be stirred to the extent that the germ is added. 3. What is the timing of the post-oil process and the addition of butter. 4. Toast at each stage to make key points, two methods of shaping and attention. 5. Processing methods and functions before use of wheat germ. [Live time] September 16th, 18:30, the estimated time is about 3 hours, please apply:



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