Recipe: Gold crispy casserole ~

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold crispy casserole ~


I can't finish my family's cold meals. . and so. . Oops. . But it's really delicious~~!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Put a cold night in the refrigerator, so that the rice will stick a lot.

    Put a cold night in the refrigerator, so that the rice will stick a lot.

  2. Take out the rice and stir it, mix in salt or sugar.rPs: first put sugar will effluent, it is recommended to eat sweet or fried to eat

  3. Open a small fire and thin a thin layer of oil

  4. Use a spoon to tighten the rice tightly and put it into the oil pan. After putting it in, don't rush to flatten it. Slowly use a spatula to flatten it. It is not afraid to be broken. It can be re-sticked before it is hardened. stand up

  5. Use a spatula to slowly shape it. After you have made it, let the oil slowly fry, and fry until the edge is slightly tilted. After the whole piece has hardened, turn it over.

  6. The face that faces up after turning over should be slightly yellow, but it is still white. When it is fried to the top, the bottom is golden, and you can go out.

  7. I want to eat the focus point that can be fried again. It is also very delicious~XD


The hood must be opened. . . then. . Be careful not to get the rice out of the water, get it. . Be careful not to be splashed by oil. . .

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