Recipe: Gold coconut skein

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold coconut skein


Baking: The middle layer of the oven, fire up and down, 165 degrees, 15 minutes, baked to the surface golden.



  1. Add butter to the butter at room temperature and mix well

  2. Then add the egg yolk twice and mix well.

  3. Then pour in the milk and mix well

  4. In the mixed butter, pour the shredded coconut, sift into the low flour and milk powder.

  5. Mix well with a spatula, then put on disposable gloves and gently knead the dough.

  6. Take a small piece of dough and knead it into a small ball about 1.5 in diameter.

  7. Roll the ball in the shredded coconut, and put a layer of shredded coconut

  8. Do all the balls and send them to the preheated oven for baking.

  9. Middle layer of the oven, fire up and down, 165, 15 minutes, grilled to the surface golden


1. When making a coconut skein, the size must be consistent, so as not to be cooked, some are already cooked, and some are still very raw; 2. If the oven is not evenly fired, the baking tray can be taken out in the middle of the roasting and then put in another direction. 3, in the last few minutes of baking must be on the side of the care, so as not to burn.

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