Recipe: Gold and silver garlic fans steamed swan eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold and silver garlic fans steamed swan eggs



  1. Brush the shell of the swan egg with a brush, insert it into the shell with a knife, cut off the shell (the shell of the shell, the shell muscle of the shell), wash the black mud out of it and place the bottom of the axe (orange part) Remove it and use a knife to slice the swan egg's axe.

  2. Fans soaked in warm water for 20 minutes, soaked fans remove the drained water

  3. Ginger and garlic are cut into the end

  4. Put the oil in the pan, add half the amount of ginger and minced garlic, stir fry into golden brown, stir the ginger and minced garlic in the other half, and mix it evenly.

  5. Put the fans, shellfish and ginger minced on the shell

  6. Cover the plastic wrap and place it on the steaming rack. Boil the fire for 6-8 minutes, then pour the steamed fish oyster sauce.

  7. In the wok, pour the oil until it is 7 mature, and pour the hot oil on the shellfish.

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