Recipe: Gold and silver egg soup with spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold and silver egg soup with spinach


A very refreshing dish, green spinach gives people the feeling of being in the early spring. Preserved eggs and salted eggs will bring out the best flavor of the soup. The fried garlic cloves add aroma to it, and the savory taste is irresistible.



  1. Spinach washed, preserved eggs, salted eggs, chopped

  2. Boil the water and put the preserved eggs, salted eggs and fried garlic cloves

  3. When the taste of preserved and salted eggs is cooked into the soup, you can put in the spinach.

  4. The spinach is slightly soft and can be seasoned with salt.


1. The newly bought spinach is muddy, so wash it a few more times. When you cook the soup, you can put some ham to taste. When the color of the soup starts to become cloudy, it means that the taste has been cooked. You can put it into the spinach and cook it. Basically, the spinach can be cooked for a while. Pot to ensure it's green and a touch of sweetness. 2. When cooking, be careful not to cook the spinach for too long, not only because cooking vegetables for too long will cause discoloration and loss of nutrition, but also make the taste become awkward. . The roots of spinach are deep reddish red. Don't throw it away. This part is sweet and delicious. In ancient times, because of the contrast of colors, spinach has the nickname of "red-billed green budgerigar", which also caused A lot of folks are coming. This time we used the method of soup to make spinach, in order to maximize the original taste of spinach and naturally express food, and also make the nutrition of spinach not to be lost in the cooking process.

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