Recipe: Gold and silver egg on soup pea sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold and silver egg on soup pea sprouts



  1. Bean sprouts remove the old part of the roots, wash and drain

  2. Straw mushroom cut, preserved eggs and cooked salted eggs, shelled and diced, garlic peeled and peeled

  3. Put the oil in the pan, heat it, sauté the garlic, add the sautéed egg and salted egg, sauté the mushrooms, stir well, add water, and boil in a thick soup.

  4. The fire will boil the soup until it is white, until the soup is completely boiled, seasoned with salt, then put the bean sprouts into the pot, stir well, turn off the heat immediately after boiling, and serve on the plate.


1. I used a soup to make soup, the taste is very delicious, no need to put MSG or chicken essence; 2. If there is no thick soup or soup, you can put some chicken in the procedure 3. 3.Because the saltiness of each salted egg varies, so when seasoning with salt, try it; 4. The bean seedlings are tender and can't be cooked for a long time; after the bean sprouts are put, they must be boiled with high heat, and they will be turned off immediately after boiling.

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