Recipe: Goat's milk pudding (Gilly Ding powder version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Goat's milk pudding (Gilly Ding powder version)


Forgot the time, how is the pure goat milk left in the house consumed? What about the gelatin powder that I bought in the refrigerator but never used it? Do pudding.



  1. Blended with white sugar and gelatin powder

  2. Add pure goat milk 500g

  3. Heat a small fire to 80 degrees and immediately leave the fire

  4. Pour the pudding bottle

  5. Put it at room temperature, cover the lid of the pudding bottle, and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours until it freezes.


The pudding practice is Baidu. The total amount of gelatin powder should be 10g, but the actual operation is carelessly 2g. This approach is the easiest. When I eat the first bite, I feel it is sweet. Pay attention to sugar reduction.

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