Recipe: Glutinous rice wine (characteristics of southern Zhejiang)

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice wine (characteristics of southern Zhejiang)


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  1. Take a suitable size clay jar (my home is a 60-liter jar), pour red wine and mountain spring water (also can be replaced with mineral water) for 3 days.

  2. On the third day, take a clean pot and pour it into the glutinous rice and soak in tap water for 4-6 hours (I usually after twelve o'clock or the next morning).

  3. Steam the glutinous rice on the steamer, and pour the steamed glutinous rice into the basin to cool. (It should be completely cool in summer, it will not be hot at 37 degrees in spring and autumn, and it will be hot in winter)

  4. After cooling, pour the glutinous rice into the wine tank that has been soaked for three days, put the gauze on the cylinder to prevent dust, and seal the tank after 3-5 days of fermentation.

  5. It can be eaten after two months, of course, the longer it will be, the better, but not more than one year. If you want to save more than one year, you must put the wine into the jar and save it separately.

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