Recipe: Glutinous rice tinned silver ear pulp

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice tinned silver ear pulp


Recently wet. The whole body is heavy, Guangdong is dehumidified all year round. So often drink some dehydrated soup water. glutinous rice is really a good thing. Plus red blood, nourishing, white fungus, lotus seeds. If you insist on drinking in the morning every day A cup. After a long time, you will find that the dehumidification effect is really good. Especially the acne on the face. Why not drink it directly, the glutinous rice is rough. It is a bit annoying to eat a few times. Everyone likes to drink. I don't add sugar. I like sweet candy.



  1. 薏米芡实莲子 each grab a handful of pure clean. Red dates five or six washed to the core. Tremella bubble washed and shredded, put into the rice cooker with the reservation function, add the right amount of water to cook for one hour, then Pour into the soymilk machine and press the function of the grain soy milk to cook.


If you just get out of the pot too hot, you can redeem the chilled milk so you can finish it quickly.

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