Recipe: Glutinous rice Sydney bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice Sydney bone soup


Spring is a good season for tonic. It is suitable for drinking light soup. This glutinous rice and Sydney bone soup is very moist. The glutinous rice and Sydney are the clean and moist foods in spring. The woman who drinks soup is the beauty from the inside out.



  1. Soaked in glutinous rice for two hours, peeled and diced in Sydney

  2. Boil the bones in boiling water, remove the blood from the floating water, remove and wash

  3. Put the water back in the pot, put the bones and ginger slices, boil over low heat and cook for two hours.

  4. Add glutinous rice, Sydney, red dates, and simmer for two hours.

  5. 熬To the soup into milky white, season with salt

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