Recipe: Glutinous rice (soya bean flour version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice (soya bean flour version)


糯米滋 is a full-bodied snack. The basic principle is that glutinous rice balls are wrapped in various powders. Of course, if you don't have soy flour, you can also wrap other peanuts, brown sugar, sesame seeds, etc., mainly depending on what you have.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Add glutinous rice flour to water and agglomerate.

    Add glutinous rice flour to water and agglomerate.

  2. Boil the boiled water and pour the glutinous rice into small balls (recommended into a slightly larger ball than the rice balls) and put in the boiled water.

  3. Prepare some ice water in the cooked rice, mix the soy flour (or other powder) and white sugar on the plate.

  4. Wait until the glutinous rice noodles are all floating on the water and cook for another two or three minutes to turn off the fire and pass the glutinous rice over the ice water.

  5. After immersing in ice water for one minute, you can remove it, drain the water, pour it into the mixed powder of soy flour and white sugar, and roll each glutinous rice to the powder.


After a little bit of ice water is used to prevent adhesions between glutinous rice noodles. For the sake of beauty and taste, please don't be too lazy to save this step!

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