Recipe: Glutinous rice red jujube rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice red jujube rice cake



  1. Glutinous rice flour and noodles must be boiled with water, while adding water and stirring with chopsticks

  2. Then add the cornmeal, then add water to stir

  3. Until the dough is almost invisible

  4. Cool it, and when it's not hot, use your hands to make a smooth dough. After kneading the dough, squash the dough by hand

  5. Pour the cooked red dates into it. (If you like sweetness, add sugar or brown sugar.)

  6. Put the red dates and dough together by hand, and mix well.

  7. Rub a piece of dough by hand and size it as you like. No strict requirements

  8. Round the dough with the palm

  9. Like the wolf head, it is made into the shape of the wolf head (of course, you can put it directly on the dumplings, and cut it into pieces one by one when you eat it)

  10. Put the prepared rice cake on the scorpion. Be sure to put a damp cloth on it, otherwise it will stick to the scorpion. I use corn husk instead of wet cloth. After the water is turned on, put it on the pan and steam for 25 minutes.


1. When using glutinous rice flour and noodles, be sure to use boiling water, otherwise the surface will not be strong, and it will be easy to crack after making the shape. 2. Add a little cornmeal to make the nutrition more abundant, and relieve the problem that the glutinous rice flour is too sticky, and it is easier to form. 3. The addition of jujube can make the glutinous rice cake taste sweet and sweet. If you like sweeter, you can add white sugar or brown sugar.

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