Recipe: Glutinous rice red bean small round

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice red bean small round


My mother's favorite one~



  1. Put the small pot into the cleaned red beans, boil for about an hour, the red beans will be soft and rotten.

  2. The other one is to add water and glutinous rice, and the small round I bought is a ready-made general supermarket. The place where the dumplings are sold will have five yuan. A bag is very convenient. After the small round, the pot is constantly stirred and afraid of the stick. Wait until all Xiaoyuanzi floated up to indicate that it was cooked.

  3. Stir the cooked small round rainproof red bean porridge

  4. Add some honey when I eat, I think it will be better than white sugar and nutrition.


After the small round child is placed in the pot, it must be stirred constantly.

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