Recipe: Glutinous rice pumpkin pie

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice pumpkin pie


This is a season of eating pumpkins, orange and orange pumpkins, sweet and delicious, whether it is porridge, steamed or made into a variety of dishes, are good health food. Yesterday, I worked with my mother to make a fried pumpkin cake. The practice was simple. It was eaten outside and tender, and the pumpkin was fragrant. The pumpkin itself had a sweet taste. A little red bean filling was added, no more sugar.



  1. Pumpkin with a cooking device to wipe the pumpkin

  2. Pour in glutinous rice flour and stir while pouring

  3. Mix the glutinous rice flour with the pumpkin to make it into a soft dough.

  4. Divide into small dough of the same size

  5. Wrap in the right amount of bean paste

  6. After the oil is warm, it can be fried to golden

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