Recipe: Glutinous rice melon old duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice melon old duck soup


Tonic is not only divided into the physique but also depends on the season, spring is added; summer is replenished; autumn is replenished; winter is nourishing. Summer replenishment should not be warm and heavy, and it is not appropriate to use drugs to make up. That is to use the medicine food that can replenish the body, but also to stimulate the body and cool the heat to supplement the deficiency in the body. Mung beans, cucumbers, loofah, winter melon, lotus seeds, and white fungus are all good summer supplements. They can also eat ducks, chickens, and edible fungi. Introducing a summer clearing soup [薏米冬瓜老鸭汤]



  1. Cut the old duck and simmer it with boiling water. Wash glutinous rice and lotus seeds, cut the melon skin into large pieces

  2. Put the ingredients in the soup, add boiling water, and simmer for 80 minutes. 10 minutes before the pot, add salt to taste


If you don't like melon too bad, you can put it in half an hour.

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