Recipe: Glutinous rice jujube

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice jujube


It is reasonable to say that this rice cake should be eaten in the New Year, but our family still eats more dumplings in the New Year, and has no belly cakes. Seeing that it was near the Dragon Boat Festival, there were discounted Jiangmi sales everywhere, and I remembered the rice cake. There is also a large package of cousins ​​sent by the family with excellent quality red dates, so this time do not need red bean paste, use the date mud. In fact, if you make your own stuffing, jujube is better than bean paste, and it is better than bean paste.



  1. Red dates are cooked until soft, and the wrinkles of the skin are all unfolded. Generally, they should be cooked for three or forty minutes.

  2. Peel off the outer skin and core of the jujube, only take the flesh, then add a tablespoon of brown sugar and a spoonful of vegetable oil, mix well with a spoon, and crush the jujube meat as much as possible while stirring. The amount of brown sugar is random. If you like sweet, add more. Some dates are very sweet. You can put less sugar.

  3. Put the mixed jujube in a small pot and stir fry until the water is fried and the jujube becomes sticky.

  4. Round grain river rice soaked in water for 12 hours in advance, draining water

  5. Wet the cage cloth and spread it in the cage. The soaked Jiangmi is poured on the drawer cloth. The water is boiled and steamed for 30 minutes.

  6. Spread a plastic wrap on the chopping board and apply a layer of cold boiling water on the cling film to prevent sticking. The steamed Jiangmi is hot and poured on the plastic wrap. Use a rolling pin to pry the cold water, repeatedly hammer the Jiangmi group, and beat it until it is a piece of rice. If you feel that Jiangmi sticks to the hand or sticks to the board, you can prevent it by using cold water.

  7. Divide the Jiangmi group into several pieces, and layer one layer of Jiangmi on the layer of jujube stuffing, and think about how high it is with you, and finally cut it.


The rice cake is strong, the dates are sour and sweet, very delicious. The whole process seems to be troublesome, but it is quite simple to do. The rest of the jujube can be wiped with bread or bread. You can also refer to the red bean paste folder that was previously sent, and change the bean paste into jujube. This small pan of IKEA is really good, 19 dollars, light and easy to use and not sticky, I have used it for several years. Stir-fried bean paste and jujube are very convenient, and you can throw the cake and turn it over when you spread it.

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