Recipe: Glutinous rice honeycomb nest

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice honeycomb nest


I finally got a very crisp honeycomb nest. Thank you, the grocery store owner, and gave me a hint. He said that the honeycomb nest should be made with glutinous rice flour! what? ? ? I usually use sticky rice noodles. . . . Really this time, delicious, so crisp ~~~~~~ My material is glutinous rice flour, corn flour, coconut milk, eggs and sugar, and then sprinkle the right amount of white sesame seeds. . . . The bomber has also improved! No waste, I just make a bowl of bread. Everyone has their own taste, I like the thin taste, and some people like the thick taste. For the thick, I think I will test my hard work. I am afraid of the golden outside and I am still not familiar with it. This was the case last year. I want to be flattering, I want someone to eat thick, but I don’t know how to cook it. Asking for trouble. This year, I am very satisfied. In the future, we will continue to use glutinous rice flour to make honeycomb nests. This year's New Year has a good fortune.



  1. Glutinous rice flour, corn flour, sugar eggs and whipped evenly, then pour coconut milk into a smooth batter without granules

  2. Use a mesh sieve to sift the batter and sprinkle some sesame in the batter.

  3. Heat the hot cooking oil, put the mold in the oil and heat it. After that, put the hot mold, paste the paste, and then put the mold on the paste, put it into the hot oil, fry the cake and fry it. Sealed in the jar.

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