Recipe: Glutinous rice dumplings (Maoming specialties)

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice dumplings (Maoming specialties)



  1. Open the water and the noodles, and the surface should pay attention to the strength and come back to the dough to have a certain hardness on both sides. Be careful not to be too hard, and you can have a certain elasticity in your hand. Glutinous rice flour does not need to wake up.

  2. The fillings are actually like dumplings, they are all broken. But every piece is broken and open, don't mix it together.

  3. First fry the pork to stir-fry, then put the white radish carrots and add the North Xiang Gu fungus, and add the Philippine.

  4. Finally, turn off the fire and add the crisp peanuts. You can also add ingredients according to your personal taste.

  5. Once the stuffing is done, you can do it. In fact, glutinous rice flour does not need to be whitened like dumplings. Just make a small dough like a bun, make a small face hard with your hands, just wrap it like a dumpling.

  6. Cooking like dumplings. However, if you need steaming, you should use the lettuce leaves to boil water, and wrap it up and steam it better.

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