Recipe: Glutinous rice dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice dumplings


I have done a lot of meatballs but I have rarely let go. Last year, I lived in my sister’s house and I often eat the buns nearby. I have a good taste. It’s especially good. I only have the tenderness of today’s meatballs. Crisp can really touch the spark



  1. Soaking rice for one night

  2. Pork belly mashed into mud (I use the meat machine directly from the cooking machine)

  3. Dip an egg into the meat, ginger, and cut into the minced meat. Stir in the meat.

  4. The meat is kneaded into a meatball with a layer of glutinous rice. I added some salt and soy sauce in the glutinous rice.

  5. Put a cockroach on top of the meatballs

  6. Put it in a steamer for about 20 minutes.

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