Recipe: Glutinous rice and vegetable roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice and vegetable roll



  1. 糯米 is cooked with rice cooker

  2. The fritters are bought in supermarkets and are usually placed in open refrigerators. So bake it a little in the electric oven to make it more brittle.

  3. Cut a piece of plastic wrap and lay it on the bamboo curtain for making sushi. Spread the rice evenly on the plastic wrap according to the amount of food. Place the fritters, mustard, and fluffy on your own body, then roll forward like a roll of sushi. The ground pressure is a pressure. Finally, wrap the rice balls in plastic wrap and squeeze them.


Cut the knife of the rice ball, first wash it with water, so that the rice will not stick to the knife when cutting, and the cut section is very beautiful.

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