Recipe: Gluten-style cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Gluten-style cabbage


#乐购TESCO优鲜下下-菜# When I was in college, the small restaurant opposite the school sold this dish for only 4 yuan, a large plate. At that time, I didn't like gluten and felt that the oyster sauce tasted too heavy. Now it seems that the taste system has changed slightly, and the fat and oyster sauce can eat a little more. I also slowly fell in love with gluten, and it is especially suitable for burning light dishes such as cabbage and edamame. This dish is simple and convenient, and the novice can also operate perfectly!



  1. Wash the cabbage and cut into pieces. There is a trick, you can use a blade when cutting the scorpion, which is more easy to taste. The gluten is broken into two halves with scissors.

  2. Hot oil pan, under the chopped green onion. If you like spicy, you can also use a little red pepper to shabu-shabu.

  3. Under the cabbage stir fry. If you have a soup, you can add a little, not too much because the cabbage is especially effluent.

  4. Put in gluten, continue to stir fry until the gluten becomes soft, and the cabbage is slightly transparent and it means it is ripe.

  5. Add salt, hook into the water starch, and juice the pan!


I personally like soft cabbage, cabbage is the kind of stew that is so delicious! The inside of this dish is also soft, not suitable for the cabbage that is too brittle, so it is still soft.

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