Recipe: Gluten fried loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Gluten fried loofah


Communicate with friends and learn a simple way to deal with oil gluten. It's very easy to use; get it in the kitchen to share.



  1. Find a food bag / storage bag, preferably a zippered compact bag, put oil gluten, add water (about half a bag), tie / seal the bag mouth on the line (1 ~ 2 hours gluten is soft, It doesn't matter if you use it for the next day before going to sleep.) Open the bag before cooking, pour the water, gently press the lower ribs to squeeze out the water, and set aside;

  2. Loofah peeled into a hob block, sprinkle a little salt and evenly; from the oil pan under the loofah stir fry until discoloration, add the soaked oil gluten, add 1 scoop of water, boil, season, pan and plate.


The bag of gluten gluten is placed flat and the gluten is more evenly eaten; the oil gluten soaked in this way is suitable for braised, fried, etc. The finished product is full and soft, the shape is complete, juicy and elastic; the used bag is thrown away, no need Clean greasy containers.

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