Recipe: Girl special drink peach MOJITO cocktail

Home Cooking Recipe: Girl special drink peach MOJITO cocktail


No peaches, no girls~~ MOJITO cocktails born in Cuba, the essence of which is the freshness of mint, the sweetness of lime, the sweetness of fine sugar, and the faint scent of rum brings the ice of summer. Cool. The taste of MOJITO can be added to a variety of seasonal fruits, making the result taste MOJITO. If you are as alcoholic as I am, I like to have a few drinks in my leisure time. If you happen to have a girl's heart, then come with me to make peach MOJITO in the season of peach production~~~ Recipe: A cup



  1. Peach slices, lemon juice and sugar are placed in the cocktail shaker. Pour the peach into a mud with a crowbar.

  2. Then add the mint leaves and rub them twice, don't break too much, affecting the sale. Then add rum and mix well.

  3. Add ice cubes to the glass and pour the mixture into the glass. Finally, fill the soda. The mouth of the cup is decorated with lime or peach slices and a few mint leaves.

  4. Stir it. ENJOY!


If you don't add alcohol, it is mojito lemonade. It is also very good to drink ~~~

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