Recipe: Ginseng Tianqi Chicken Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginseng Tianqi Chicken Soup


This is a diet soup that my mother taught me! It is said that blood is passed through the blood vessels, and patients with cerebral thrombosis are very good! Of course, no one in our family has this disease, but occasionally it can be effectively prevented, the blood vessels are smooth, and people are not sick.



  1. The chickens are cleaned up, the water in the cold water pot is smashed, and three pieces of ginger are added.

  2. Prepare ginseng, wash in Tianqi, remove the red dates and go to the core

  3. Put all the ingredients in the soup boiled in boiling water for about two hours.

  4. Finally, add salt to taste and eat ~


It’s better to use chicken or black chicken~!

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