Recipe: Ginseng Chicken Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginseng Chicken Soup


Recently, I have a cold, and it is only half a month. It is the most serious one in history. I used to have a cold and I can take medicine myself. I have not eaten a lot of food this time. I have also fallen into the root of rhinitis headache. I finally ate for a few days. Moxilin slowly improved. The doctor said that it is the reason why the rest is not good. Really, I found that after I had a child, my face was always dark and black (black from the front face than the legs and legs now). At that time, the confinement was not paying attention to anything. The weather was hot and the appetite was not good. There was no intention to make up. When the weather turned cold, I found that I was very susceptible to a cold, and the child was infected several times. It is said that the body is not good after the month is not adjusted, and now I finally know that I regret it. In addition to strengthening nutrition, I decided to ask for a housekeeping in the next two or three months to thoroughly carry out the hygiene. I will be tired of doing nothing in the morning and evening. Who told me that my shopkeeper is so leisurely. Ha ha.



  1. Take the cold ginseng from the refrigerator, put the chicken and red dates ginger slices, and simmer for a half hour.

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