Recipe: Ginkgo steamed chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginkgo steamed chicken


The health care in autumn must follow the principle of “cultivating income”. The diet health care should be based on moistening and tonifying the vital energy, and the main content of spleen and liver and clearing the lungs, with Qingrun and sour as the Dafa, and cold and cool. In the process of tonic, it is mainly based on flat compensation. The so-called flat compensation is the use of flat tonics that are not obvious in cold temperature. In addition, although the yin and yang in autumn are relatively balanced, dryness is the main air in autumn, and the lungs are easily injured by dryness. When supplementing, it should also pay attention to moisturizing, that is, nourishing yin, Shengjin, and moistening the lungs. In order to achieve the purpose of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs. In the autumn, it is dry and dry. If you want to add moisture and repel the cold, it is better than drinking soup. Drinking soup seems to be a simple matter. In fact, it is very knowledgeable. Drinking soup should be based on different physiques, different climates, and appropriate amount of drinking. In the dry season, the soup we add should be clean. The moisturizing soup can moisturize the skin and internal organs of the human body and reduce the damage of the body to the body. Therefore, it is advisable to drink soup with nourishing lungs in the season. Ginkgo steamed chicken is a soup that is mellow and delicious, and is not hot or dry, and is beneficial to kidney and spleen and solidifying. It can help you achieve a win-win situation of health and beauty. Among them, it is mainly a small one. Medicine fruit - ginkgo. Ginkgo is a fine dried fruit, rich in nutrients and sweet in taste. It has been used for more than 1,000 years. "Compendium of Materia Medica" said that the fruit: "cooked food warm lung and Qi, Dingchuan, narrowing the stool, stop the white turbidity" and the sex is sweet. Eating ginkgo, keeping health and prolonging, Ginkgo was listed as a royal tribute in the Song Dynasty. Japanese people have the habit of eating ginkgo daily. In the days when the autumn winds are set off, it is the urgent task of the present to make a pot of qi and qi and moisturizing the lungs. The body and mind feel very comfortable and warm.



  1. Chicken chop, put in a pot, drown, remove blood

  2. Ginkgo. Washed, onion cut into sections. Ginger slices

  3. Pour the chicken into the steamer, then add the onion. Ginger. Salt. Shao wine. Ginkgo and appropriate amount of water

  4. Then steam in the steamer for half an hour.


Ginkgo biloba contains slightly toxic substances such as ginkgoic acid, ginkgo phenol and ginkgo, and the amount of ginkgo should not be excessive.

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