Recipe: Ginkgo sauerkraut pork belly soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginkgo sauerkraut pork belly soup


The pork belly is the stomach of the pig. The Chinese have a saying: What to eat. Pork belly soup, has the effect of nourishing the spleen and nourishing the stomach. Many people don't like to eat pork belly at home. Indeed, the pork belly that has not been completely cleaned has a smell, it is difficult to swallow, let alone delicious. In fact, as long as you master the method of washing the pig's belly, you can take out a pot of fragrant pork belly soup. Ginkgo sauerkraut pork belly soup, warm stomach and good to drink, dry weather in autumn, the sauerkraut in the soup is salty and delicious, can be appetizing.



  1. The pork belly turns the inside out and removes the fat on the surface. Both sides are repeatedly washed with flour and salt to remove the surface mucus. It can be washed without odor. Finally, rinse with water and use it.

  2. Put the water in the pan, boil the ginger and cooking wine, put half of the pork belly and cook for a few minutes.

  3. The pork belly that has passed through the water, wash it with cold water, scrape off the excess fat on the inner wall with a knife, cut into pieces; wash the sauerkraut, cut into pieces, peel the shells of the ginkgo

  4. Put cold water in the pot, put the cut pork belly, sauerkraut and ginkgo into it, add a few slices of ginger, a little cooking wine, boil on the fire, go to the flounder, turn to small fire

  5. The small fire is slow for about 2 hours. Finally, put the salt before the pan, chicken, a little bit of sugar, sprinkle with white pepper.


1. The pork belly must be washed repeatedly with salt and flour until the surface is free of mucus, no odor, and the fat in the pork belly should be cleaned. The soup that is cooked in this way is fresh, and if the pork belly is not washed, the soup will have a strange smell. You can wash the pork belly with salt and flour, and you can also wash the pork belly with salt and vinegar. 2. Sauerkraut is salty, so pay attention to the amount when you finally put salt. Add a little sugar to adjust the salty taste of the sauerkraut too straight, do not like it or not.

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