Recipe: Ginkgo ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginkgo ribs soup


Ginkgo is also known as ginkgo fruit. Ginkgo is sweet, bitter and astringent. It is flat and toxic. It belongs to the lungs and has the functions of concentrating lung, relieving asthma, stopping the belt and reducing urine. With the effect of nourishing yin and moistening, nourishing the lungs and nourishing the stomach, and relieving cough and phlegm, the family can produce many medicinal foods with ginkgo. Ginkgo also activates cells to quickly restore brain power and improve attention and memory. It can slow down cell aging, anti-aging, improve human immunity, and help the body fight against cancerous substances and free radicals.



  1. A bag of ginkgo bought in the supermarket is ready for use. Spare ribs, wash

  2. Put the ribs in the pot and add ginger, aniseed, cooking wine, boil over the fire, and remove the bloody foam.

  3. Turn to small fire stewed ribs

  4. When the ribs are stewed until the ripening of the seven or eight, add the ginkgo, and then continue to cook the ribs to a softness with a small fire. The stewed pork ribs can be seasoned with salt before cooking.


Do not add soy sauce when stewing, to keep the soup color fresh, and serve with soy sauce sauce.

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